If you want to stay in full-time education, you can choose subjects that interest you; either opting for a variety at A Level or specialising in one area on a vocational course. Many of our full-time vocational courses are practically based, or you could start an Apprenticeship, learning while at work and coming to College on a day release basis.

We also offer programmes for those with no prior qualifications who are seeking employment or to access full-time education. All of these options will give you an advantage whether you want to find a job or go on to university. We’ll help you make the choice that’s right for you.

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Further Education courses break down into the following levels.

  • Entry Level

    Truro and Penwith College welcomes learners who for whatever reason may not have previously been academically successful. We offer a chance for a fresh start in an outstanding college. If you have no prior qualifications, you can study as an Entry level student. Entry level courses include Foundation Studies, Employability and Vocational Studies. These routes are designed to develop your skills for future study, a job or apprenticeship, or better interaction within the community. If you’re unsure about your options or would like to find out more, get in touch.

  • Level 1

    We have a wide range of Level 1 courses. These include Foundation Studies, employability courses, vocational qualifications and Progression 1 courses. These courses will usually include English and Maths as part of the programme of study.

  • Level 2

    We offer a range of courses at Level 2. Progression 2 is for students with three GCSEs grade D or above including English and Maths and is designed to promote progression to Level 3 in the chosen pathway through the achievement of GCSE Maths and English and a Level 2 Extended Certificate in subjects such as ICT or Art & Design. We also have a wide range of vocational options in areas such as Construction and Professional Cookery. These courses often require completion of a lower level qualification before they can be started, and usually include English and Maths as part of the programme of study.

  • Level 3

    There are a broad range of Level 3 courses on offer. These courses will have entry requirements based on GCSEs or achievement of a lower level qualification. Level 3 courses include AS/A Levels, the International Baccalaureate, Extended Diplomas (equivalent to three A Levels), Subsidiary Diplomas (equivalent to one A Level) and vocational courses such as Professional Cookery. These courses may include English and/or Maths as part of the programme of study.

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