Lecturer Andy Hughes Talks Trash

Truro and Penwith College Lecturer Shows That the Photographic Proof is in the Performance

While none of us really want to waste our time listening to people talking trash, Andy Hughes can certainly pull it off without any trouble at all (in a good way that is). Hughes’ photographic work aims to explore and question the politics of waste in our natural environment by means of referring to plastic as a metaphor, subject and pollutant. Appalled by the amount of human sewerage and plastic that surfed the Cornish seas, Hughes reacted to this with his art.

Hughes will be presenting work from his most recent project Glastonbury Opus, where tensions between colour and sculpture generate a narrative with regards to the degrading festival environment. Not only does this work raise questions about the carelessness of waste disposal, it also demands answers about reckless behaviour and mass consumption. Unlike his previous documentary projects, these images are more instructive as sometimes ambiguity isn’t enough to stretch the hard hitting truth.

You had better expect something far from trashy should you wish to attend Andy Hughes’ photography, art and advocacy talk on Friday 17th February 2017. As a lecturer on the FDA Photography and Digital imaging course and the BA Applied Media, he will surely have a technique or two to share with you. Hughes returns to St Ives to pick through scraps in the Borlase Smart Room, Porthmeor Studios where he will be hosting the talk and revealing all.

With free admission and refreshments, perhaps Hughes can erase the sour taste of trash, switching for something sweet instead. Click the link below to reserve your place: