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Assemblers and Routine Operatives

Jobholders in this unit group perform assembly and routine operative tasks.

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About this Career


Median salary

New workers start around £14,429.44. Normal pay is £20,879 per year. Highly experienced workers can earn up to £31,548.43.


Annual Openings

Job counts include both employed and self-employed persons in Cornwall, and do<br /> not distinguish between full and part-time jobs.

Daily Tasks

  • Performs miscellaneous painting and coating tasks not elsewhere classified including, staining articles, applying transfers, operating french polishing machines, removing surplus enamel from components and marking design outlines on articles.
  • Sets up and operates machines to apply colour to wallpaper and to coat articles (other than ceramic) with paint, cellulose or other protective/ decorative material.
  • Applies enamel to jewellery and coats, lacquers, dips and touches up articles (other than ceramic).
  • Rejects faulty assembly components, inspects finished article for faults, monitors assembly machine operation and reports any faults.
  • Assembles prepared components in sequence by soldering, bolting, fastening, spot-welding, screwing, nailing, stapling, dipping and fastening using power and hand tools or assembly machine.
  • Follows instructions and drawings and positions components on work bench or in assembly machine.

Our colleges

Truro College
College Road

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