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Electrical and Electronic Trades

Job holders in this group perform a variety of electrical and electronic occupations.

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About this Career


Average salary

New workers start around £20,567.50. Normal pay is £33,581 per year. Highly experienced workers can earn up to £47,892.39.


Annual Openings

Job counts include both employed and self-employed persons in Cornwall, and do<br /> not distinguish between full and part-time jobs.

Daily Tasks

  • Locates and repairs faults to lines and ancillary equipment.
  • Connects cables to test equipment and tests for balance, resistance, insulation and any defects.
  • Connects and installs transformers, fuse gear, lightning arrestors, aircraft warning lights, cable boxes and other equipment.
  • Assists with the erection of wood poles or steel towers to carry overhead lines.
  • Performs routine servicing tasks, such as cleaning and insulation testing.
  • Tests for correct functioning and makes any further necessary adjustments.
  • Examines for defect and repairs electronic and related equipment.
  • Removes protective sheath from wires and cables and connects by brazing, soldering or crimping and applies conductor insulation and protective coverings.
  • Places prepared parts and sub-assemblies in position, checks their alignment and secures with hand tools to install x-ray and medical equipment, aircraft instruments and other electronic equipment.
  • Examines drawings, wiring diagrams and specifications to determine appropriate methods and sequence of operations.

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