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Apprenticeship Standard: Registered Nurse Degree L6 (Mental Health Nursing)

*Subject to approval* This is a higher-level programme for organisations requiring nurses to make an important contribution to the promotion of health, health protection and the prevention of ill health.

Why Choose This Course?

Registered nurses work in the public, independent and voluntary sector. Registered nurses are a statutorily regulated profession and the standards for proficiency are set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and successful completion of this apprenticeship will meet the education requirements to see registration with the NMC.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to play a vital role in providing, leading, coordinating and evaluating care that is compassionate, evidence based, and person centred. They are accountable for their own actions and those who they delegate to and must be able to work autonomously, or as an equal partner with a range of other professionals. They provide nursing care for people across the whole lifespan who could have complex and concurrent mental, physical, cognitive and behavioural care needs and for people at the end of their life.

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Start date: 01/08/2024

Course code
Level 6
STEM & Health Skills Centre Bodmin
3 years 12 months
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Top Course Highlights

Experienced Tutors

Network of health and social care partners

Outstanding Facilities

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Learn from sector experts

You will be taught by staff with extensive experience who will advance your knowledge and skills to meet the expectations of the Health and Care Sector.

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Enjoy professional environments

Enjoy modern learning and simulation facilities that are second to none within a further education setting. With a wide range of different equipment and learning resources available.

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Develop skills in line with sector needs

Learn skills that are required in the Health and Care sector, enhancing not only your knowledge and practical ability but also your future employability.

What Will I Learn?

The programme is broken down into modules of delivery which are covered within the workplace with your employer and during your time at college with your tutor. The curriculum is divided into a few categories, an example of what you will be covering is detailed below:


  • Understand professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses and midwives and how to fulfil all registration requirements.
  • Understand the demands of professional practice and demonstrate how to recognise signs of vulnerability in themselves or their colleagues and the action required to minimise risks to health.
  • Understand the professional responsibility to adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain the level of personal fitness and wellbeing required to meet people’s needs for mental and physical care.
  • Understand research methods, ethics and governance in order to critically analyse, safely use, share and apply research findings to promote and inform best nursing practice.
  • Understand the need to base all decisions regarding care and interventions on people’s needs and preferences, recognising and addressing any personal and external factors that may unduly influence their decisions.
  • Understand and apply relevant legal, regulatory and governance requirements, policies, and ethical frameworks, including any mandatory reporting duties, to all areas of practice, differentiating where appropriate between the devolved legislatures of the United Kingdom.
  • Understand the principles of courage, transparency and the professional duty of candour.
  • Understand how discriminatory behaviour is exhibited.
  • Understand the aims and principles of health promotion, protection and improvement and the prevention of ill health when engaging with people.
  • Understand epidemiology, demography, genomics and the wider determinants of health, illness and wellbeing and apply this to an understanding of global patterns of health and wellbeing outcomes.


  • Act in accordance with the Code (2015): Professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses and midwives, and fulfil all registration requirements.
  • Think critically when applying evidence and drawing on experience to make evidence informed decisions in all situations.
  • Use resilience and emotional intelligence and is capable of explaining the rationale that influences judgments and decisions in routine, complex and challenging situations.
  • Take responsibility for continuous self-reflection, seeking and responding to support and feedback to develop their professional knowledge and skills.
  • Safely demonstrate evidence-based practice in all skills and procedures required for entry to the register.
  • Acts as an ambassador, upholding the reputation of their profession and promoting public confidence in nursing, health and care services.
  • Communicate effectively using a range of skills and strategies with colleagues and people at all stages of life and with a range of mental, physical, cognitive and behavioural health challenges.
  • Support people at all stages of life who are emotionally or physically vulnerable.
  • Develop, manage and maintain appropriate relationships with people, their families, carers and colleagues.
  • Provide and promote non-discriminatory, person centred and sensitive care at all times, reflecting on people’s values and beliefs, diverse backgrounds, cultural characteristics, language requirements, needs and preferences, taking account of any need for adjustments.


Treat people with dignity, respecting individual’s diversity, beliefs, culture, needs, values, privacy and preferences. Show respect and empathy for those you work with, have the courage to challenge areas of concern and work to evidence based best practice. Be adaptable, reliable and consistent, show discretion, resilience and self-awareness and demonstrate leadership.

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Where Will It Take Me?

Achievement of this qualification demonstrates to an employer that you have the necessary practical skills and knowledge they are looking for when recruiting for a Registered Nurse (Mental Health). This may be working in a Hospital or Care setting.

This qualification will allow you to continue or progress into employment enhancing the skills and knowledge that you have gained.

Assessment Arrangements

The employer in consultation with the training provider will make the judgement as to whether the Apprentice is ready for end-point assessment through the achievement of the following: Level 6 Registered Nursing Integrated Degree and a recognised Level 2 English and Mathematics qualification. On conclusion that the assessment gateway requirements have been achieved, you will be able to proceed to the end-point assessment stage of the Apprenticeship. It is expected that you will complete the assessment gateway requirements within three months of your planned Apprenticeship completion.

End Point Assessment

Your End Point Assessment will consist of the following measures of knowledge and competence:

  • Knowledge Test
  • Practical Assessment

Entry Requirements

For entry to this programme, you will require a Level 2 or above in English and Maths. A British Sign Language (BSL) qualification is an alternative to the English qualification for those whose primary language is BSL.

You must be able to work alone and as part of a team and be able to demonstrate commitment to the course.

Additional Information

Awarding Body: NMC

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