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Apprenticeship Standard: Software Developer L4

This course provides the perfect opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of Software Development. The primary role of a software developer is to build and test simple, high­ quality code across front end, logic and database layers. A developer will typically be working as part of a larger team, in which they will have responsibility for some of the straightforward elements of the overall project.


This course will equip you for a successful career in software development; you will gain industry experience while learning the theoretical knowledge needed to succeed in the sector providing the perfect gateway to a highly sought-after career. You will develop strong problem-solving skills and a good grasp of the theoretical and practical aspects of software development. It is essential that you can work independently but also operate as an effective team member and have good customer handling skills.

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Start date: 04/11/2024

Course code
Level 4
Truro College
2 years 6 months


Excellent Tutors

Earn While you Learn

Gain Experience in a booming sector

fantastic learning environment

Computing & IT 154

Sought-After Profession

This course will provide you with the perfect opportunity to pursue a career in Software Development.

Computing and IT at Truro and Penwith College

Learn from Industry experts

You will be taught by our fantastic lecturers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge that you will directly benefit from.

Computing And IT 0007

Bespoke Business Focused Project

You will design a project along with your employer and training provider that will benefit their business, you will go on to produce it during your second year.


While studying this course you will gain knowledge in the technical aspects of software engineering, technical competencies and other relevant skills such as:

  • All stages of the software development life-cycle (what each stage contains, including the inputs and outputs)
  • Roles and responsibilities within the software development life cycle (who is responsible for what)
  •  The similarities and differences between different software development methodologies, such as agile and waterfall.
  • Create logical and maintainable code and develop effective user interfaces
  • Logic: writes good quality code (logic) with sound syntax in at least one language.
  • User interface: can develop effective user interfaces for at least one channel.
  • Data: can effectively link code to the database/data sets.
  • Test: can test code and analyse results to correct errors found using either V-model manual testing


Typical job roles that you could look to move into after the course are, Web Developer, Application Developer, Mobile App Developer, Games Developer, Software Developer. You can also further your knowledge by looking at Truro and Penwith’s Higher Educational opportunities such as our own degree level courses at Truro or even a degree-level Apprenticeship.

Assessment Arrangements

The decision as to when an apprentice is ready to cross the threshold from learning into the end point assessment (EPA) phase will be made by the employer and the training provider based on their monitoring of apprentices’ progress. In order to move into the EPA phase, apprentices will need to have passed all the knowledge modules and/or vendor or professional qualifications and be able to produce a portfolio for the EPA. Level 2 English and Maths will need to be achieved, if not already, prior to the EPA.

EPA methods

  • Summative portfolio
  • Synoptic project
  • Employer reference

Entry Requirements

Gaining a place on the course will be individually assessed with an application/interview (Ideally you will already have level 2 English and Maths)

Information & Support

For further information, please call our Business Relations Team on 01872 305500 or email

The awarding body for this course is City & Guilds.

Additional Information

Typical Duration:

24 months + 3 months EPA

Taught Day:

One day every week term time only

Cost Implication

Up to £850 for the employer depending on the candidate

Want to talk to someone?

Do you have a question that we haven't answered so far? Talk to our admissions team. We're here Monday-Friday 8.30am-4.30pm.

What you could earn

  • IT Business Analysts, Architects and Systems Designers
  • IT User Support Technicians
  • IT Operations Technicians
  • Programmers and Software Development Professionals
  • Sales Accounts and Business Development Managers
  • Business, Research and Administrative Professionals
  • Financial Administrative Occupations
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