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FdA History, Heritage and Culture

The rich historical resources in Cornwall combined with the region’s growing cultural heritage sector offer the perfect opportunity to combine academic study while developing key employability skills. This Foundation Degree offers the unique opportunity to study History combined with Heritage and Culture as a broad foundation for further specialism, or as a qualification in its own right.


You will discover how History is used by contemporary society in local, national and international contexts and analyse historical developments, considering the relationship between the past, present and future. Explore new developments to conserve and innovative ways to sustain cultural distinctiveness in the 21st Century.

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Start date: 23/09/2024

Course code
Level 5
Truro College
2 years
Foundation Degree
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Small Classes

Excellent Tutor Support

Field Trips

Exhibition Work

Geology & Environmental Sci 105

Study The Heritage Sector

You will gain an understanding of how historical study can enhance employability skills and opportunities in the future, encouraged further by the many strong links with a broad range of employers embedded throughout the new heritage and culture modules.

Disused  tin mine on cornish coast

Skills Workshops

You will explore digital literacy; handle primary sources and other archival materials; create an exhibition and get involved in curatorship work: all carried out in situ at various heritage sites across Cornwall.


Complete a Final Major Project

 You will have the opportunity to complete a personalised project which enables you to research your own chosen area of History.  This develops key research and analytical skills.  The project acts as a superb preparation for future dissertation work or report writing.


In both years of the foundation degree strong relations between the students and regional employers are encouraged and employability skills are developed. Year 1 will involve a week’ of placement completing a survey for one of our local museum partners. In Year 2 students will complete a 60 hour work placement at an attraction of their own choosing from our established employer links. The heritage industry in Cornwall offers particularly varied opportunities for work involvement. Module summative assessments are often work-related and use live briefs from employers. Learners will experience a ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of the industry by creating an end-of-year group exhibition.

Programme Quality Handbook 2022-23

Learners will be given the opportunity to apply their understanding of innovation and enterprise in additional formative activities including projects with such organisations as Newquay Heritage Archive and Museum, creating a marketing product to consider all aspects of customer engagement.

Learners will be introduced to current and emerging practices such as the use of virtual reality headsets in museums through a programme of guest speakers. Guest lectures on games design, for example, will enable learners to explore the impact of the changing digital landscape on the heritage sector.

Educational visits exploring the work of publicity companies for national attractions and a programme of workshops will be delivered at location. For example, primary sources skills sessions exploring Cornwall’s Civil War Pamphlets at the RIC’s Courtney Library and microfiche lessons at the new Kresen Kernow centre (formally held at the Cornish Studies Library).

Learners will have the opportunity to develop their own interests, whilst acquiring and developing skills of research and investigation, culminating in contributions to a group exhibition and an independent Final Major Project.

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FdA History, Heritage and Culture will prepare learners for a wide range of careers in the heritage sector as well as broader career choices in the field of education, research or publicity.  Future careers include:

  • Archivist
  • Curator
  • Digital design
  • Visitor attraction customer engagement or marketing
  • Heritage management and sustainability

On successfully completing the FdA History, Heritage and Culture, students have the option of continuing their studies by joining the third year of the BA History course delivered by the University of Plymouth at the main site.

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Assessment Information

Coursework – 86%

Exam/Test – 8%

Practical Assessment 6%

Entry Requirements

You will need at least 48 UCAS points to gain entry to this course.

Additional Information

UCAS Course Code: V301

Duration: Two years full time, four years part time

Location: Truro Campus

The Awarding Body for this course is University of Plymouth

Specific Modules of study include:

  • What is History?
  • The English Crown and its Celtic Neighbours, 871 – 1327
  • An Introduction to the Development of Heritage in Britain
  • The Making of Britain, 1348 – 1707
  • Heritage, Engagement and Cultural Tourism
  • Innovation, Sustainability and Enterprise in Cultural Heritage Today
  • Industry and Society in Britain, 1750 – 1900
  • Management of Cultural Tourism and the Heritage Industry Today
  • Collections and Curatorship: Material Culture and the Heritage Sector
  • Conflict and Resolution: A History of International Relations in the Wake of War
  • Issues and Ethics in the Public Presentation of the Past; Heritage in the Post-Modern
  • Final Major Project

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What you could earn

  • Counsellors
  • Welfare Professionals
  • Natural and Social Science Professionals
  • Social and Humanities Scientists
  • Physical Scientists
  • Social Workers
  • Environmental Health Professionals
  • Conservation Professionals
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