The Job Shop

We work closely with companies across the county, opening up opportunities for students and businesses alike.

What is the Job Shop?

The Job Shop is the name of our programme designed to foster fruitful collaboration between local businesses and the College, including our students. We aim to help our learners with their employability and connect them with companies to arrange work placements, Apprenticeships, work experience and enterprise learning. We've worked with employers such as Seasalt, Adventure Learning, The Headland Hotel, Disability Cornwall, Thomas Cook, NatWest Bank and Haven Holidays to name but a few.

Information for learners

Job vacancies

The Job Shop is located in the Mylor building at Truro and the Lamorna building at Penwith and advertises the latest part-time jobs. Our Job Shop Coordinator Lucy is on hand five days a week to help you look for vacancies, fill in application forms and even help you prepare for interviews. To get in touch, give us a call  

Truro - 01872 245624
Penwith - 01872 305150

Work placements

Although unemployment has gone down across the UK, the amount of young people out of work has remained high. The key barrier for these young people has been a lack of industry experience. Our Job Shop Coordinator can help you set up a work placement, track learning and ensure that you get a reference at the end. This way, you'll finish your course with the experience you need to help you get a job.

Academic study gets your foot in the door; employability skills push it open to a far wider range of opportunities.

Charles McLeod, MBE
Enterprise learning

Studying with us, you'll have the exciting opportunities to take part in enterprise learning. We work closely with businesses to offer real projects that work towards your qualification. You'll be given a professional brief to fulfil, with access to our tuition and resources in addressing it. So far, our students have designed a website for a local hotel, undertaken a social media campaign for a community group, and ran a marketing campaign for a sports club.

It's an excellent and valuable combination of classroom learning and professional work, allowing you to gain experience and network in the professional sphere of your chosen subject. If the company likes your work, they may even decide to buy it.

CV and interview preparation

Our Job Shop Coordinator can help you prepare your CV. Curriculum Vitae translates into ‘My Story’. Ensure that your 'story' is appropriate for the job and that you have emphasised the correct skills and qualities. Once you have an interview, the Job Shop can help you prepare for it.


The Job Shop has all the latest Apprenticeship vacancies and can help you match your skills to available opportunities. The Job Shop Coordinator will also help you enrol on – a useful site for finding work and Apprenticeships – and will be able to answer any questions you may have about this pathway to employment.

If you're interested in Apprenticeships, take a look at our Apprenticeship page for more information.

Information for businesses

Work placements

Many of our most industrious students are keen to secure work placements during their studies. You can advertise any vacancies in the Job Shop, from one-off shifts to regular work to Apprenticeships. The clip below provides details of work placement learning within the college environment.

Enterprise learning

The Job Shop provides you with the opportunity to get involved with College learning. As a business, you'll give a class of students a professional brief to work towards, such as designing a website or planning a social media marketing campaign. Our students then work to complete the brief with the College's tuition and resources.

This is a fantastic collaborative and mutually beneficial opportunity. You will generate brand awareness while being able to participate in providing potential future employees with valuable experience. At the end of the project, you're welcome to use the completed briefs or materials.

Please contact the Job Shop Coordinator:

  • Truro - 01872 245624.
  • Penwith - 01872 305150

We were pleased with the candidates that we have interviewed, so much so all of them were successful; they were all well prepared, asked questions and were so keen and enthusiastic. These students showed us that they wanted to work and wanted to gain valuable employability skills.

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