20,000 Women Knew The Reason Why…

Women in Cornwall comprise 51% of the population but are considerably underrepresented in Cornish history. Writing some of those wrongs, to coincide with International Women’s day was Dr Tehmina Goskar. Dr Goskar delivered a workshop a workshop to A Level students at Penwith College.

The workshop was designed to get students thinking differently about how we approach our past and why Cornwall has traditionally been side-lined in favour of the narrative of the larger cities. Students found the talk enlightening, and it was a great help to many who are currently entering essay competitions for Cambridge University.

Dr Goskar shed light on how influential the women’s suffrage movement in Cornwall was from the mid 1800’s up until the eve of the First World War. Students were shocked to hear that one of the most influential suffrage marches started in Lands End- yet it is never taught in schools.

The talk has inspired many budding historians to go and do further research in to the Cornish perspective of different events.

Happy International Women’s day!