Clearing - accomplish a University education on your own terms

Whether you didn’t quite make the grades, you applied a little later than usual, or even if you’ve just decided to stay and study in stunning Cornwall, our friendly clearing team are here to help match you to the right course vacancies.

Every student journey is unique to the individual, and we’re here to make it that little bit easier to maintain the harmonious study-life balance.

Budding traveller and graduating BA (Hons) Education and Training student, Aimie Keane battled with her passions before fully committing to her degree course.

Aimie said: “I made a late decision about coming to study for my degree. I caught the travelling bug and desperately wanted to travel the world but I sensibly thought that I should set myself up with a degree first. I went for an interview at several Colleges but I was truly blown away by the support available at Truro College. I am so glad that I’ve come here, it’s been the best year of my education so far and I have really been able to push myself to achieve the best, all thanks to my lecturer. The course has been very challenging but rewarding at the same time, and I’ve made the best of friends here. Now I’ve completed my degree, I’m all set to go into teaching as a profession and I’m planning to study my Initial Teacher Training next.”

It just goes to show that you don’t always have to stick to your original plan, there is the option to make changes to your journey. Not only that, but experienced lecturers are also dedicated to helping each student to achieve their goals, supported by strong links with Plymouth University and Pearson.

With 1-1 support available for all students, a community feel and smaller class sizes; you should feel right at home in your chosen degree programme.

Clare Strong also completed the BA (Hons) Education and Training degree and found that she could easily fit life around her lectures.

Clare said: “It’s been a brilliant course. I have two children at home and now I’m just waiting for my younger one to start school before progressing to my Initial Teacher Training year. Throughout my degree, I was managing to teach dance during the week as well as being a full time mum. I’ve always wanted to be a primary school teacher so the motivation to juggle different aspects of life is definitely there. I would put my kids to bed around 6:30pm and then stay up late to write my essays in the evenings. I achieved a 2:1 and couldn’t be more pleased with it!”

Start your student journey and apply now through clearing, studying one of the many Foundation Degrees, HNDs or Bachelor’s degrees offered at the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Gold-rated Truro and Penwith College.