Apprentices geared up for a car fanatic’s dream weekend

This month, a group of Motor Vehicle Apprentices from Truro College travelled to Warwickshire in order to spend two days living the car enthusiast’s dream.

Heading up in the early hours of Friday morning, the students and lecturers were excited for their first stop of the trip, Aston Martin HQ in Gaydon, Warwickshire.

Having signed their confidentiality contract, the lucky group were taken on a factory tour led by a confident and professional Aston Apprentice. Highlights of the tour included ‘The Street’, a timeline of Aston Martin’s history and the CEO of Aston Martin’s personal car, which was briefly run up for the group so they could hear the engine. The whole tour offered a fascinating insight into hand-built cars.

One of the students couldn’t believe the detail and work that goes into producing the cars, saying: “The amount of work and seeing everything that goes into the cars is absolutely stunning and is simply on another level.”

The day wasn’t over though, as the group moved on to the British Car Museum on Friday Afternoon. Amidst over 300 cars and one million historical artifacts, the museum highlights included Alec Issigonis’ (inventor of the Classic Mini) first and last project cars and the Queen Mother’s and Princess Diana’s Jaguars.

After a great night’s sleep in a 1784 Grade 2 listed Mansion House, which has been converted into a youth hostel, it was on to the Classic Car Show for even more vehicular enjoyment. The show was unbelievable, with 2,500 classics and the lads even got to meet Fuzz Townsend from National Geographic Channel’s Car SOS.

Again impressed with the cars on show, one of the students was quick to express their awe, saying: “The variation and level of detail of the cars was unmatched with stunning restorations. It was a great end to a petrol head weekend.”

The entire trip was made possible through the generous actions of the College’s Governors, who paid for the majority of the trip. Both staff and students were very grateful for such a fantastic learning experience.

Indeed, Barry Pearce, Motor Vehicle lecturer at the College, was blown away with the trip, saying: “The trip was so informative and truly fired our enthusiasm and imagination. We would have done the 600 miles for any of the three visits, but all three… WOW!”