Art students put their own creative spin on an online brief

Truro College Art students have been thinking outside the box for their most recent creative project.

Students studying the Design Pathway for the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design, a course for students who have an interest in the visual arts to explore, develop and test their creativity, put their skills to the test for a virtual brief set online, titled ‘The Mask Project’, that tasked the students to reimagine the face mask.

‘The Mask Project’ was established by ‘The Curator’- an online gallery founded in 2018, whose creators saw that the current situation around wearing masks was a great opportunity for creatives around the world to unite and get involved in a unique project that involved reimagining what the face mask looks like, an item that has recently become the universal symbol for the prevention of disease.

The students, who are in their second year of study, immediately took to the challenge and implemented the skills they have learnt so far on their course to create some incredible results.

Through researching both contemporary and traditional masks from a variety of sources including a widely known Instagram account called ‘Fashion for bank robbers’-an artistic account that reimagines bank robber outfits-, alongside incorporating photographs and drawings they had previously made, the students created some great results in a wide range of materials.