Bright future for award-winning videographer

A teenage student from Cornwall who’s in the first year of his University degree has shown he has a bright future ahead by winning an award at the 2017 Cornwall Film Festival.

Kai Topping’s documentary film, a truthful depiction of mental health that centres on his sister’s struggle with anorexia, was awarded the festival’s ‘Screen Actions 2017 Factual Entertainment’ award.

Kai, who is studying on the HND Media Moving Image university course at Truro and Penwith College, said: “I’m still a bit speechless really, but me and my sister are happy with it because the film is 100% true and factual, and for a film of this nature to win the award I’m very grateful.”

Kai’s tutor and deputy team leader for media at Truro College, Ali Wallace, is proud of his achievements and his obvious passion for storytelling.

"I am really proud of Kai,” she said, “he is a very dedicated media student. This documentary shows a very sensitive portrayal of eating disorders and Kai's excellent journalistic skills.”

The film consists of several interviews with Kai’s sister, and an interview with the College’s Senior Mental Health Advisor Sarah Hodder, who was able to speak about her own experiences of people with mental health and what support is available to help them.

Sarah said: “Mental Health is important to everyone and we need to talk about it more so people can feel confident in receiving the best help possible.”

Despite having produced a documentary film, Kai’s passion lies with producing and presenting radio. After studying an Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production at Truro College, Kai decided that he wanted to focus more on audio for his university course so he stayed at the TEF-Gold rated College as it offered a more flexible media degree.

Kai said: “I just love all aspects of radio really; I’m happy to do anything within that field. I really want to work within media, even if it’s not radio, who knows, I might even do something more visual after winning the award, but it’s definitely given me more confidence in what I’m doing.”

“The tutors really made the HND Media Moving Image course really flexible for me; they let me specialise in audio and because of the small class sizes, they are even able to tailor the lessons to my needs.”

To find out more about media degree courses at Truro and Penwith College, visit the University courses page for details.