Career experts join the Careers team

The College has expanded its top-rated careers service, thanks to the arrival of two new career experts.

At the start of this year, the student services team welcomed Careers Advisors Katarina Berge and Tracey Johnson to assist Careers Coordinator Tim Moody in continuing to provide students and members of the public with careers advice that inspires and educates.

The College welcome two new Careers Advisors Katarina and Tracey to the team

Katarina, who is originally from Sweden and moved to the UK when she was 19, has had a really varied career making her a great fit for the team. After finishing College in Sweden, she had the opportunity to work as a stable hand with a family just outside of Oxford. After enjoying living in England and learning the language, she decided to study a Psychology degree at Middlesex University, and then began a career in Marketing before settling in her current career.

In her new role at the College, Katrina will focus on providing careers info, advice and guidance tailored to individual student needs. She is looking forward to supporting young people to explore all their options, focusing on their skills and strengths, raising their aspirations, and helping them to overcome any barriers and progress into positive pathways.

When discussing her best piece of careers advice, she said:” Never turn down an opportunity to try something new – you don’t know where it will lead to”.

New Careers Advisor Tracey has also had quite the varied career. After working for the Royal Mail for 14 years, she completed a variety of Youth Worker roles and warehouse positions. At one point she was even a Plumbing and Construction tutor at a local College. Her most current role of 10 years has been as a Career Advisor. Her range and variety of work experience makes her an excellent addition to the team at the College.

On her new role, she said: “I’m always open to listening to students’ ideas, however unusual you may think they are. Do not ever think a career is unreachable”.

The new additions to the Careers team at the College follows the news that the College’s careers guidance programme was recognised as one of the best in the UK after it achieved the newly reformed, ‘Quality Careers Standard’ from Investors in Careers for; ‘outstanding careers education, information, advice and guidance’.