Chemistry Gold Medalist now hopes to reinvent antibiotics and pesticides

The College is celebrating its new kings of chemistry after tremendous success in the 2021 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, with one gold medalist aspiring to a successful career that will benefit the future of humanity.

Three golds, six silvers and eleven copper awards were scooped by Truro and Penwith College students in the prestigious science competition known for its difficulty and an intensive 90-minute test run by Cambridge University that challenges students to stretch their thinking in the field.

Chemistry student Samuel Brown came top in the Cambridge Challenge

Gold-medallist Samuel Brown, from Truro, went to Penair School and came top of the Truro College cohort.

I was surprised (to be top of the cohort), the others in my group worked really hard too. The gold will look good on my UCAS application.

said Samuel of his success.

Samuel, who studies A Levels in biology, maths and further maths as well as chemistry, now has ideas on how his future career in chemistry can develop to have a positive impact on the world:

“After College I hope to study Biochemistry at Cambridge, Sheffield or Dundee. I’d like to work to develop new antibiotics and make pesticides safer. Thanks a lot to my lecturer Rosie Maguire for the support and encouragement.”

Chemistry is often called the ‘central science’ due to its importance in the science pantheon and overlapping relevance to other fields of science, from maths and physics to biology and medicine to earth and environmental sciences and to engineering and technology, chemistry in involved in and relates to each.

New breakthroughs in cutting-edge fields like genetics, pharmacy, materials science, sustainability, and next-­generation computer hardware are all essentially chemistry breakthroughs.

Many organisations and universities encourage and promote the study of chemistry, and it is a key subject for many popular, aspirational and competitive careers, including medicine.

This is a really impressive achievement, especially after the year the students have had, and the competition was as challenging as usual!

Rosie Maguire, College STEM Coordinator and Chemistry Lecturer
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