Cornwall SLP and ASE Science Teachmeet success

This week, teachers from all over Cornwall came to the Science ‘Teachmeet’ hosted by Truro College. The event was organised by the Cornwall Science Learning Partnership which operates out of the College and the Association of Science Education.

Primary and Secondary teachers were treated to an evening of short practical science activities and some exciting guest speakers including speakers from ASE, Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Physics, Eden Project and Newquay Zoo.

Kate Whetter, RSC Education Coordinator at Truro College, described the evening as “a resounding success.”

“We were thrilled to host some fantastic speakers with truly inspirational ideas,” continued Kate. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to get local teachers together and engaged with the speakers. We look forward to hosting the event annually, alongside a STEM Careers Showcase in the spring.”

Guest speaker Stephen Hessey from the Royal Society of Chemistry was only too happy to give his time in the name of STEM provision in Cornwall, saying: “I really enjoyed chatting to teachers at the Teachmeet. I was impressed with the broad range of teachers present. It was a privilege to hear about the things they’re doing and the challenges they face, and to share some of the support offered by the RSC.”

Commenting on the successful event, Truro College Principal David Walrond said: “The need for more and better STEM provision across all phases of education is widely acknowledged and so it is great to be involved in such a responsive and collaborative education partnership that is leading this agenda in Cornwall. The College is one of the largest and most successful STEM providers nationally and it is the fastest growing area of our work. However, all that growth and quality begins in schools who enthuse STEM learners and support them to the highest possible levels of STEM achievement. This is why collaborative working in the Cornwall Science Learning Partnership makes such good sense.”  

With these events acting as cornerstones at certain times during the year for STEM education, courses are available throughout the year. A full list of these courses can be seen at