COVID-19: Higher Education Advice

1. Delivery from September 2020

The College will be delivering the normal student timetable and in response to the guidelines published by the government has put several measures in place for the safety of both the students and staff.

• One-way systems in all buildings clearly indicated by blue arrows placed on the floor at a distance of 2m.

• Sanitiser stations at the entrance to all buildings with everyone expected to use this facility when entering the building.

• Sanitiser stations in all classrooms, workshops, laboratories and salons.

• Classrooms arranged with all the desks facing forwards.

• Most toilets designated as one-in, one-out system.

• An increase in the number of daytime cleaners to provide increased wiping down of handrails, door handles and cleaning of the toilets around the campus.

• All loose paper left in classes at the end of the day will be removed.

• All eating outlets will be open and providing a take-away service only. Queues will be marked at social distances along the corridors.

• Social distancing “bunting banners” across the doors of single occupancy offices to remind others not to step in but to speak from the door.

• All students and staff encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser and to wash hands regularly.

• All practical based subjects will follow the latest sector or National Governing Body guidance in relation to practical activity.

• College buses will run as normal with added capacity where needed. Students should apply for their new bus pass by contacting the transport centre at Truro College by 12th August to ensure that the pass is ready for them at the start of term. If you need an application form they can be downloaded from the website.

•All staff and students must carry a face covering in a plastic bag whilst at College. Face coverings will be needed in the College Shop and at takeaway food outlets. Students are strongly advised to wear a face covering around the College, particularly when moving through corridors and are encouraged to wear them in classrooms and study areas. Those who are exempt from wearing a face covering are advised to carry or wear their exemption certificate, to avoid misunderstanding.


We will continue to monitor the latest guidelines produced by the government and take any new measures as appropriate. Students will be able to access their timetables through student advantage from Tuesday 1st September. We look forward to welcoming you back to the College for Registration Day and in the meantime wish you all an enjoyable summer.

2. Applications to Truro and Penwith College University level courses

We are still processing applications as normal. UCAS clearing period ends on Friday 11 September. 

We are planning for most courses to have face to face delivery. This may change depending on advice from Government. We will continue to update this section as more information becomes available about social distancing requirements and mixing outside of family groups. 

Please apply via if you would like to study full time.

Alternatively, if you would like to study part-time, please download an application form from: and apply directly to us via

Please be aware that we are taking guidance from the Government, UCAS and the Office for Students about changes to the awarding system.

To ensure that our admissions process remains fair, consistent and in the best interests of all our applicants, at this time there will be no changes to our entry requirements or any offers that have already been made. We are confident the revised grading system will provide students with the grades they need to move on to the next stage of their lives.

For any queries or help, please contact our friendly admissions team on

3. Advice for University level students who work as Key Workers

If you are being asked to work as a ‘key worker’, please ensure your tutor or the HE Team ( are aware of the circumstances and implications for your studies. Someone at the College will be able to support you through an online or telephone student support meeting, to help maximise the opportunity you have to complete through the referral process and avoid you being in the position of repeating the year.

4. Student Support and Careers Advice

There are dedicated University level student support and careers advisors that are  on campus to help you:

  • Your first point of contact for any support issues, personal or financial is:
  • Students who are already working with HE Student Support, please continue to engage with our Student Support Officer and contact them in you have any questions or concerns. 
  • If you need advice about mental health issues or health and wellbeing, please contact: 
  • We are continuing with study skills advice - now 30 minute online sessions. Please book onto a session via Sessions take place on:
    • Tuesday - 15.00 - 17.00
    • Wednesday - 10.00 - 12.00
    • Thursday - 10.00 - 12.00
  • Any questions about new applications, please contact
  • Any questions about your grades, please discuss with your tutor or Programme Leader. 
  • Any academic issues should be discussed with your tutor in the first instance and then, if necessary, contact
  • If you have IT or 'Teams' related issues, please contact your tutor or Programme lead in the first instance, then or call 01872 308441. 

Please stay safe and do keep in contact so we can do all we can to support you through this difficult time. 

Can I still get Careers advice regarding options when I graduate?
Yes, our HE careers advisor is still available to support students and will set up telephone interviews to discuss your future plans and actions that you can put in place.  Contact to set up a telephone advice session.

Can I get help with my CV or with how to complete job application forms?
Yes, our HE careers advisor can help with CVs, application forms and preparing for interviews.  Contact to set up a telephone advice session.

5. Safety Net

Here are the summarised changes to the safety net. Plymouth Safety Net policy changes are as follows.

  • You must pass all modules you have studied this year.
  • Your overall stage mark (their stage aggregate mark) will be calculated using the highest module marks totalling 60 credits. This is the main difference, being that most students will now have grades included in their final award, which were completed post-March 16th. 
    • For example, if you study six 20 credit modules and achieve marks of 70% in four modules and marks of 50% in the other two modules, their overall stage mark will be calculated using three of the modules in which you achieved marks of 70%.
  • The calculation of your marks may include your final year project/dissertation, if it is part of your highest 60 credits.
  • You are now able to take up to 80 credits of referral work into the summer rather than 60 credits, as previously set out.
  • You will still have 10 working day ECs on deadlines after 16th March. If the 10 day extension is not sufficient you have the option to not submit work and take the module as a referral over the summer (in up to 80 credits).

While this is a change your best interests are always being considered. Amendments to this are still being discussed, to ensure every possible scenario is being anticipated. Your course leaders and module leaders are all here to ensure you feel encouraged and supported to complete the academic year in the best way possible.

While this new information may be unsettling, the Higher Education Team will be on hand to answer any question and speak to anyone who may have any concerns.

Thank you all for your support and we will keep you updated.

Please visit this link for more information

6. Progression

The University of Plymouth has released guidance outlining their proposals for a 'safety net'. The principle of this 'Safety net' or 'no-detriment policy' is that no student will see a drop in their current grade based on work submitted next term.  The details of how this will be put into practice are listed below.

It is essential that you continue your studies and submit any assignments that we have set or will set for Semester 2 as these will give you the opportunity to retain your existing grade and improve your final degree grade.”

Please note that you will still need to pass the required summative assessments in order to demonstrate you have met the programme learning outcomes and be awarded credits so that you can either progress and/or receive a qualification. for further information regarding the ‘Safety net’ visit

As per the 'Safety Net' below, any student who fails to complete more than 80 credits will be expected to repeat the year and not progress, so please do keep your tutor aware of your circumstances and obtain guidance about assignments to target.

7. Graduation

Unfortunately, due to the current global pandemic, we have taken the decision to postpone our Graduation ceremony. As information and restrictions are constantly changing, at this moment we cannot give a specific date for when the event will take place. We thank all students, who were looking forward to their ceremony this year, for their patience in this matter and to keep an eye out on this page and our social media pages for updates.