COVID-19: Access Advice

Notice for Access to HE students who received estimated assessment grades due to COVID during 2019-20

If you wish to complete assessments that received estimated grades please contact Jolene Hogan (Truro Campus) or David Atkinson-Beaumont (Penwith campus) along with the relevant course lead. Students must register with their provider in order to complete assessments and must confirm which assessments they wish to complete by 2nd October.

The QAA has now issued guidance on how this process will be implemented. You can find the guidance for students here. 

It is important to note that students can only complete assessments where there is a possibility that the unit grade will increase. If students choose to complete an assessment, their actual grade will supersede their estimated grade and so there is an element of risk involved. 

Contact details 

Jolene Hogan: 

David Atkinson-Beaumont:

Advice for Access to HE Students

We would like to reassure students that all Access Courses are expected to start as planned this September and lessons will be delivered on campus.

As a college, we aim to ensure the safety of both staff and students, so plans have been put in place to minimise the risk posed by COVID-19. Movement around the College will be a little different to previous years, we have created one-way systems along all corridors clearly indicated by arrows. There are new sanitiser stations postisioned around the College buildings, please apply hand sanitiser and wash your hand on a regular basis.

We encourage the wearing of face coverings in large communal areas such as the corridors or refectories. This is not expected in lessons but you can wear a face covering if you so wish. The wearing of face coverings is not currently mandatory. Additional advice and guidance will be provided at induction but it is important to remember that these protective measures may change in the event of a local outbreak and as the government advice changes. 

How to apply to take an Access to HE course

Please visit the website to find out  more about our Access Diplomas and how you can apply by heading to:

You can also use the enquiries email for further informaiton, your email will be forarded to the Access to HE Coordinator or the relevant course lead. 

The Access Prospectus contains more concise information about each of our access courses at both Truro and Penwith Colleges with examples of progressions routes.

You might find it useful to look at the Career Coach website to explore careers and appropriate Access courses.