Education student sparks change in Children’s behaviour

Fifteen socially deprived children with behavioral issues became less disruptive due to BA (Hons) Education and Training Graduate, Natasha Richard’s dissertation research.

Using the relationship between the College and TPAT schools, fifteen children were chosen by a local headteacher to assist with Natasha’s dissertation research. Natasha chose to analyse the effects that participation in sport has upon Key Stage two children who are behind on their studies due to being socially deprived and having behavioural issues.

The children were asked to take part in 30 minute sessions where they would take part in agility, balance and coordination activities before the start of school. Initially, the children were unable to concentrate during these 30 minute sessions, but by participating as a team and receiving positive praise, dramatic effects began to appear. The classroom teachers began to notice that the children each became less disruptive leading to a positive knock on effect in the classroom.

The self confidence of the fifteen children grew dramatically and this led to huge progressions within their learning. Demonstrating a phenomenal progress, instead of the usual one step progression, the children showed a phenomenal six steps in one term.

Whether these results were due to the activities ‘waking their brains up’ before learning, releasing their energy making them calmer during lessons or perhaps the positive praise which made them feel more confident, the results were difficult to prove. However, it did highlight the success of targeting physical activity on pupils.

Natasha said “Being a student from Truro College and knowing that I personally had a huge impact on those children – some of whom were about to take their SATs tests, is a wonderful personal achievement and something I know, would not have been possible without the staff on the BA (Hons) Education and Training course. The final year of my degree was by far my favourite year of study. The course is designed to give you freedom in your writing and has educational content that prepares you perfectly for a future of teaching or working within care. The teachers are supportive, understanding and importantly, challenge you to become your best self. If it wasn’t for the cost, I would probably sign up to do it again.

Natasha graduated at Truro Cathedral in October where she was awarded a Principles Commendation for achieving an overall standard of academic excellence throughout her time at the College.

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