Foundation Studies students raise incredible amount for Nepal

A group of Foundation Studies students from the Volunteering Team at Truro College have been going above and beyond to raise money and collect items for young people in Nepal with learning difficulties.

The project began after the students started learning about Nepal and comparing opportunities for learning there with what they have here. Karenza Pariyar, Learning Support Assistant at the College, spoke about the importance of such topics: “There isn’t as much education and support there. Parents might not even send their children to school so a lot of the children are growing up without support, without anything. Here they have lots of support but still struggle but there are other people struggling even more and I think that’s a really important lesson to learn.”

During these lessons, the students learnt about a 14-year-old boy called Nissan who lives in a small village in Nepal. At the moment, Nissan is growing up without any education or support with his learning difficulties so the students have begun fundraising so that Nissan can receive tuition, sensory resources and develop his skills towards a more independent life.

In order to raise the money for Nissan, the students have been holding various events. A raffle brought some early Christmas gifts to people while raising £98. Students have also taken part in the 8 Peak Challenge. Eight of the world’s highest mountains are in Nepal so the students collectively walked, swam and cycled the equivalent of climbing those peaks, which adds up to 42 miles.

During their time learning about Nepal, the students visited a Nepalese restaurant in Truro, the Yak and Yeti. “They loved the food,” began Karenza. “Some were a bit unsure at first but most were just tucking in. It was great fun and one of the loveliest lessons I’ve ever done. It was great to be able to give them that experience.”

All of the money they raise and the items they collect will be hand-delivered to Nissan over Christmas by Karenza. “It will be great as I will be able to bring back photos so the students can actually see where their hard work has gone to and the effect they’re making,” explained Karenza.

All together, the students raised nearly £500 for Nissan and his mother in Nepal. Part of the money has been used to buy clothes and educational toys while the rest will be used to pay for a tutor for Nissan once a week for a year.

“The students have been absolutely amazing,” began Karenza. “Their understanding of why they are raising money and their compassion for others less fortunate than them has been so heart-warming. I can't thank all the AIL students enough for really embracing the project with such enthusiasm. And of course, a massive thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and donated towards our wonderful total!”

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