Geology classroom gets unique new onlookers

Geology students from Truro College have some interesting new residents watching over their lessons after the department invested in a set of human skulls.

Taken from actual fossil specimens collected by famous anthropologists from all over the world, the replicas are a fantastic physical representation of human evolution. The earliest of the collection, Paranthropus boisei collected from Kenya by Richard Leakey, is approximately 1.7 million years old and is known as the nutcracker due to its huge teeth and impressive muscle attachment sites.

Mandy Winstanley, Geology lecturer at Truro College, was thrilled to introduce the skulls to her classroom, saying: “These are an exciting addition to our geology collection and will enable the human evolution section of the new specification to be taught with a little flare.

“Excitingly for schools, these can be borrowed from the College as a set with helpful student worksheets and teacher information. Don’t worry, they are resin so are nice and robust!”

If you are interested in borrowing the skulls for your school/college, please contact Mandy at