Geology students dig in to field work during trip to Jurassic Coast

Fourteen intrepid Geology students from Truro College recently travelled up to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset to get a glimpse of the past through rock formations and fossilised turtle poo.

Starting the journey at Ladram Bay in the Triassic Period, the students discovered that Britain was situated in the Southern Desert Belt. However, this changed as Britain drifted north during the Jurassic Period where the land was dominated by dinosaurs and Britain was close to the equator and experience a tropical, shallow sea.

Their time-travelling sojourn ended after four days in the Cretaceous. Students spent their time collecting fossils such as ammonites, belemnites and fossilised turtle poo, visiting exciting places like Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door and learning lots of new skills that they will use at university and as working geologists.

Of the trip, Truro College Geology lecturer, Mandy Winstanley, said: “The students did all the catering and so learnt some useful skills to assist in their first year at university and a great time was had by all despite the 'interesting weather'.”