Global Game Jam sparks weekend of creativity

Penwith College took part in the Global Game Jam event which saw 36,000 Game Makers worldwide collaborate and challenge themselves to make as many games in 48 hours as possible.

Penwith College submitted three teams of students from the NextGen Academy and FdA Games Development courses. One of the NextGen students, Norbert Walczak has written the following about his experiences:                                                   

Global Game Jam, or GGJ for short, is a competition where people participate in and make games within 48 hours. At Penwith College we dedicated our weekend to come to the GGJ event, it was inarguably amazing!  

We could all see the excitement and determination on each other’s faces on the day we came in. We got to meet and work with new people and learn from more experienced students who have been in this business for longer than u

We did not have much time to do this project; however, I think that the time constraint is what motivates the people who participate in this event. We were sorted into groups and were joined by the FdA students who helped us tremendously, without them we would not have got anywhere near finishing the games we made by the end.

Many of our ideas for the games we were making changed throughout the two days of the Games Jam as some of the original ideas we came to the event with didn’t fit with the theme which was launched at the start of the process or were a bit ambitious given the limited timeframe. The lecturers were amazing giving up their time for us to compete. They were there until the end to motivate us and help us in our individual crises!

The experience was very new to most, if not all of us. I really enjoyed being under pressure and I must say that this was the best way I could have ever imagined to spend my weekend and I'm sure many who were there would agree. The teamwork between NextGen and FdA students was in my opinion the best as we could collaborate and bounce the ideas off of each other and add to already amazing ideas and made them even greater. I hope that we are able to do this, or something similar, in the future!

More information about the event and a selection of the games that were produced can be found at