Gorgeous Gala Glamour

Music, Lights, Action – let the Hair and Beauty Gala begin.

Festival was the theme for the Level 1 Hairdressing and Beauty students who took their catwalk inspiration from all eras from Woodstock of the 60s to raves of the 80’s.  Level 2 students each selected an era with a distinct look which included Pink Ladies from the 70’s movie Grease, flapper girls from the 20’s and the land girls of the 40’s. It was sophisticated bridal hair for the Level 3 Hairdressers. The styles ranged from the traditional romantic hair-up to a style where hair was formed into a small hat! All of the entries made for a very varied and enjoyable show supported by a substantial audience of friends and family and compared by Chris Nicholls of Chris Nicholls Motors.

This event was not just for fun. The students have all been assessed on their work which goes towards their final grade. The students’ work was judged by both industry experts and teaching staff. Judging the hairdressing categories were Kath Elkin and Margaret Edgecumbe, both independent hairdressers. Judging the Beauty therapy categories were Victoria Smith, industry professional and lecturer and Aggie Terskaya, Salon owner and lecturer.

The judges said, “The quality of their work and attention to detail has been superb. It is fabulous that these young people have so much dedication and skill already – only to be built upon as they continue to study or work in the industry. Our industry never stands still as there are new techniques and trends constantly – students who enjoy learning are set for a very rewarding career.”

Prizes were awarded by Jo Lello-Dunn, Deputy Team Leader for Vocational & Commercial Skills at the College. Jo said, “We are so very proud of the hard work, effort and dedication our students have displayed for this event.  Once again the standard of work demonstrated has been extremely high. We are delighted that so many people have turned out to support the students.”