Grand Designs Hamster Size

Grand designs but on a very small scale, this amazing piece of work is by Site Carpentry student Dan Clemens. While the purpose of this project was to learn the cut roof techniques while working from scale drawings, the students had free reign to design their own houses.

Lecturer Ian Prowse said: “Dan has really embraced this task and the result is phenomenal. His attitude is exceptional and this is exemplary workmanship.”

Dan said: “I am really pleased with how this model has turned out. I have put in a lot of detail from the spindles on the balcony to the tiny floorboards, which have all had to be hand crafted.

When asked what Dan was going to do with his model he said: “I am going to adapt it to create an awesome hamster cage with Perspex encasing the main cavity to make it safe.”

This model house will feature as part of the College’s annual art exhibition in June held on the Harbourside Car Park, Penzance.