IB high-flier is top of the class and heading to Cambridge

Rosa Dyer from Gorran Haven is celebrating being one of the top students in the county. Rosa, aged 18 and previously of Roseland School, received the top result in the International Baccalaureate (IB) at Truro and Penwith College this year, achieving 43 points – which is the equivalent of 4 A*s and a B in A Levels.

Rosa is now heading to Emmanuel College, Cambridge to study Human, Social and Political Science, on the way to a possible career in Biological Anthropology.

She said of her success: “It’s very nice, actually quite surreal, and a big relief. The IB is so varied, with so many aspects, that it’s not until the very end results that you realise you’ve done it, so it’s a big thing. I’m really happy to have gotten into the college I picked at Cambridge and am looking forward to it.”

The International Baccalaureate is an alternative to A Levels that allows students to continue studying a broad range of subjects after GCSE, so keeping options open for future universities and career choices.

Of the IB Rosa said: “I didn’t know what I wanted to do after GCSEs. A Levels are good if you want to specify your direction for a particular career, but the broadness of the IB and the additional components tied together make it very good. The focus is on independent studies and on questioning rather than just studying. Universities view the IB highly. At Cambridge you needed 41 points and ‘two 7s at higher’’ in your IB, but at Oxford it’s lower. The IB is valuable. It is a community of students studying together, and at Truro College the support system, is very, very good.”

Rosa took time to thank her tutor and everyone who had given her help and support at the College: “Thanks to Guy Essex, my tutor and the IB Leader, for his help with the application process to Cambridge. He was important, and he made sure it wasn’t overwhelming. He is honest and keeps you grounded.

“I’d recommend the College, definitely. The IB is really well done. It’s got a reputation for being a very good IB course, and it’s a well-earned one. There is very good teaching, staff are very knowledgeable about the IB, highly committed and understanding.”