International filmmaking awards for English Lecturer Tim

A Truro College English lecturer has demonstrated the talent and versatility of the English department by creating an internationally award-winning film.

Awarding winning English Teacher in classroom

Truro College English lecturer Tim Seyfert

Tim Seyfert’s zero-budget 13-minute short ‘Terminus,’ which he wrote and directed, has featured in some of the most acclaimed Indie film festivals in the world and won awards in various countries.  

He won Outstanding Achievement Awards for First Time Director and Best Indie Short at the Indie X Film Fest in Los Angeles, the Platinum Award for Best Short Script at the Independent Shorts Awards, Best Indie Film at LA Sun Fest and a Special Recognition Award at the 7th Independent International Film Festival in India.

The film was created during lockdown and had to be made with the ‘rule of six’ which means six people only:  the two actors, a director, camera, sound, and a runner.  

“It began as a short story about the last day in a young couple’s relationship,” says Tim. “It was published and got favourable reviews. I adapted it into a screenplay and changed the location from America to England.
“I wanted it to be hyper-realistic, really simple, no frills and to show something everybody has been through. We filmed it over two days and used my car, my friend’s flat and Falmouth docks train station. It needed to be a terminus station where the train comes then stops and goes back, because that is the theme of the film.”

As well as teaching English at the College, Tim runs a weekly script-to-film workshop which is open for anyone, where students learn about taking their ideas into finished film.  

“We try to encourage people to have confidence in their own voice,” Tim says. “Don't wait for someone to give you an opportunity. You do not need lots of money. You just need an idea. Keep it simple. Take stock of what you have around you and write the story based on that. 

Film is my passion and if I can bring that passion into my teaching to inspire others to find their passion, then I've made it.

Tim Seyfert