Investment in training helps local high-street brand nail customer service

12 lifestyle and furniture retail workers in Truro have been working day and night to develop their skills. Independent lifestyle and furniture business Uneeka (Truro) recently took its commitment to staff development to a new level, setting up a bespoke Retail Skills programme for twelve members of staff from Uneeka Life, Home and Café businesses.

Throughout the training each member of staff was required to demonstrate competency in key areas of retail such as customer interactions, data protection, identifying customer requirements, confirming sales and consumer rights.

Jess Preen, Operations Manager said: “The course not only gave the team the information they needed to improve performance, it also allowed them to feel more confident in their roles and use the newly gained knowledge to ensure customer service is always of a high standard.”

The training, delivered at Truro and Penwith College’s Conference and Training Centre, Haven House in Truro City Centre was fully bespoke and tailored to the needs of the business. In addition to adaptations in course content, the delivery time was even moved to evening sessions that would not impact on Uneeka’s busy working day.

Hollie, a Uneeka employee, said: “The course was really beneficial. Doing the sessions after work can be challenging, but Steve our Tutor, ensured each session was different and found a way to engage all of us. Having the legal knowledge gives you the confidence to deal with a difficult situation in the right way.”

12 Uneeka employees achieved their Level 2 Retail Skills Award, however the businesses commitment to staff development doesn’t stop there as another member of the team studied an apprenticeship in Media. Jess preen, Operations Manager said: “The skills he learnt through the college course helped bring new skills to the business and improve our website and online presence.”

“When looking for training in areas to improve the business, the first choice was Truro College. A number of members of our team had attended or were attending, so we were aware of it's good reputation, and being local made it that much more appealing.” 

Jess first found out about the course through Jodi Skelton, the owner of Uneeka, who said: “We have seen an increase in add on sales due to a higher level of customer service and sales confidence, as a result of training.”

Uneeka’s investment in staff development is representative of their positive attitude to looking after staff and enabling them to grow personally and professionally.