Languages and beyond

Helping to inspire the next generation of linguists, Truro and Penwith College holds a Languages day every year to help encourage students looking at their options to consider studying a language.

Three students smiling while talking around some computers

The ‘Languages at University and Beyond’ event was organised for the fifth successive year by the Languages Department at Truro and Penwith College and welcomed pupils from five local schools to come take part in a variety of activities and talks to pique their interests in languages.

First on the agenda was a presentation, which demonstrated the diverse range of skills and careers that studying a language can lead to. Giving the presentation this year was Head of French at the University of East Anglia, Ilse Renaudie.

Afterwards, former students from the College spoke about their time studying languages and the opportunities it has given them. The students included Millie Stokes, who has just completed her degree in Medicine with French at Manchester University, and Charlotte Oakes, who is currently studying Philosophy and Spanish at Cardiff University.

Two students laughing while working on computers

Workshops in French, German and Spanish allowed the school participants to practise in the target language their research and translation skills and communicate collaboratively while producing an advertising poster.

Current College Language Ambassadors Aidan Smith, Alisha Hick and Joe Silver motivated and captivated the lecture hall audience with their very real, life experiences of learning a language.

Our final two talks were given by A Level students Dan Gavan and Zak Minett who both spent many hours developing their German, French and Spanish skills in the dedicated languages centre at College and are now looking forward to a bright and exciting future studying and working abroad.

The feedback from all was tremendously positive and the College has been asked to repeat this event next year. Moneeza Masood, Languages Centre Coordinator, said: “It was great to see how much enthusiasm all students showed about Modern Languages, it was a very inspiring day indeed.”

Three students talking while working on computers