Leavers’ Day is a ‘socially distanced’ success

Truro and Penwith College students were singing the College’s praises at this year’s socially distanced leavers' day.

Many students had the opportunity to share their praises of their College experience at this year’s event, which saw the students say their final farewell’s after a more unusual year than most.

The event, which is held at the end of every academic year, provides students with the opportunity to return their College materials and speak to the staff about their next steps after College. Despite this year’s event looking slightly different to usual, with lots of social distancing measures in place, students still took the time to reflect on their positive experiences of their time at the ‘outstanding’ College.

Media, Production and Technology Diploma student Emma Rand attended the leavers' day event, where she shared why she decided to choose to study at the College two years prior: "I found the course I was doing here and just fell in love with it. I just thought that's what I want to do in life and it was easily accessible to me so I naturally came here".

Emma, who is from Blackwater, also shared her high praises of the environment and lecturers: “Truro College is a great place to be; the environment's really friendly, and you’ll get to learn from lecturers that are specialised in their subject area.

I really enjoyed my experience personally

Emma Rand, Media, Production and Technology Diploma student

A Level student Tanya Maduveko, from Truro, enjoyed lots about her experience at the College but particularly liked the option to take part in an Academy, which help to support and develop students individual interests in and outside of their studies. By joining the Medics’ Academy, Tanya was given lots of help when applying to do medicine at university: “I really loved it actually, it was so helpful because they taught us so many things that I had no idea about and helped me with the application process. We had people come to speak to us from universities who had gone to the College, so it was really helpful and inspiring”.

A Level student Tanya Maduveko achieved AAB in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology

Film studies, Product Design and Photography student Finn Broadley, from Ponsanooth, really enjoyed the social aspects of the College and said that it was very different to school: “It's a leap up from school between the way the teachers and lecturers would treat you, it's very much more like you're a person and you’re treated like an adult”.

He also shared some advice for anyone starting the College in September: “Go with what you enjoy more than anything else, that's more important. I changed from Maths and Physics in the first week to Media and Photography, so it was quite a drastic change, completely changed my career path. I wanted to do something that I actually enjoyed rather than just for the sake of doing it”.

Whilst this academic year has seen an unusual spring and summer term for many, the College’s students were still able to receive the high standard of teaching and support that they normally do despite being unable to attend the College in person. This was largely in thanks to the quick response made by the College in their transition to online learning back in March.

Not only did the College deliver their regular timetable of lessons online for their 5,000 full-time 16-18 students and adult learners, but they also established their Connected College initiative with the aim to ensure the College’s staff, current and prospective students, businesses and stakeholders stayed connected during these unprecedented times. This initiative, which has included a Digital Campus for year 11 students, subject spotlights, online health and fitness classes and more, has shown to be very successful with lots of positive feedback from parents and students alike.