Phoebe prepares to head off to Sri Lanka for a psychology placement

It’s been a winding road for local student Phoebe Borrie but she has now found her path and a new exciting destination in the form of a four-week psychology placement in Sri Lanka.

Phoebe standing in front of a green bush

It took a change in direction for Phoebe to realise that psychology is where her passions truly lie. “I went about my courses in a really odd way,” she began. “In my first year at Truro College I did Psychology but I decided to drop at the end of the year because I was worried with workload and in my second year I really started to regret my decision.”

Luckily, her decision didn’t take her away from psychology for long. “I spoke to my tutor about it and she said that it was no problem as they could sort it so I could do a third year. I’m now doing Biology and AS and A2 Psychology and I’m loving it. I’m so glad I decided to stay another year.”

After getting back on track with psychology Phoebe started to plan for her future in the field. While looking into her course at Cardiff University Phoebe discovered that it can be difficult to find work experience in psychology. Luckily, she came across a relatively new organisation that helps students get experience in the field.

“SLV.Global was set up by psychology students at university because they realised it was difficult to get work experience in psychology because it’s such a sensitive field. They send volunteers to Sri Lanka, Bali and India to work with organisation in mental health facilities so on my placement I’ll spend time in psychiatric areas in Sri Lanka as well as teaching English classes and working with individuals with special needs and learning difficulties to train and help them with their development, both personal and educational.”

In the build-up to her placement, Phoebe will be organising fundraising events to help fund the trip. “I’ve already got some events planned, with a quiz and raffle planned for August and a sponsored walk around the Roseland Peninsular in the beginning of September. Because I live on the Roseland I wanted to do something local.”

To help Phoebe reach her goal, donate to her JustGiving page at