Looking for Photography models for project based on mental and physical illness

Photography Student, Kerry Semmens is looking for models to partake in a project based on physical and mental illness. She is hoping to raise awareness of the scope of these conditions by documenting both visually and in written form. Kerry is an A level student also studying Sociology and Psychology and through this project is bring together all of the elements of her study.

Kerry says, “I have always been fascinated by people, where they have come from, how their experiences have shaped them and I have tried to interpret this with my photography. Many people are scarred by their past experiences both physically and mentally and I am pleased that there is a move to make talking about mental health issues more accepting. I plan to go to university next year and train to be a counsellor and I wanted this project to illustrate that everyone should be proud of who they are and the stories behind them. It is our past that shapes who we are today but looking to the future gives everyone the flexibility to reshape and remodel themselves in any way they choose.”

Photography lecturer Vicky Henwood said, “Kerry’s project has a very powerful message about self. She is a very intuitive student and has demonstrated great maturity in her approach to such an emotive subject. Photography, whilst an artistic subject is so diverse that it can be combined with almost any A level and bring new insights to those courses. This is the perfect example of mixing scientific, analytical, essay based subjects with the arts to demonstrate visually feelings that are sometimes hard to describe using words.”  

Would you be interested in taking part in this project? Any models interested must sign a model release form however, can dictate whether they remain anonymous within the display of project itself. Kerry is looking for models of all ages or anybody interested in taking part and telling their story. Please email her tutor Vicky Henwood vickyh@truro-penwith.ac.uk.