Michelmersh Brick Delivery is Well Received

Thanks to a very generous donation of high-quality specialist bricks from Michelmersh earlier this term, the students have been producing some top class work.

This donation of materials will fully support the education of the future members of the construction industry in producing work on different construction pieces from basic pointing skills and the construction of cavity walls to radial brickwork and constructing chimneys and fireplaces. The students have also mixed the bricks with local stone to produce alternative designs. The students are taught to a very high standard by lecturers who have all been in the trade and not only teach the students how to be Masons and Bricklayers but also to develop as individuals with a good team spirit and work ethic.

Steve Piff, Programme Team Leader said, “We're so grateful to Michelmersh for the generous delivery of bricks. They are supporting the future of the industry by helping to develop young people as they train for a future in the sector. These bricks are very high quality and without the donation a college such as ours, with limited funding available in the FE sector, would not have been able to afford such resources.”