New student-led group tackles sustainability

With sustainability and climate change a global issue at the moment, one student from Truro College has decided to take matters into her own hands by starting up a group of students to help improve sustainability around the College.

The eight new EcoGroup members standing in a group with some holding the EcoSchools scheme

As part of the College extra-curricular StudyPlus programme, International Baccalaureate (IB) student Bella Roberts took it upon herself to start an EcoGroup, which will meet once a week to help improve the College’s sustainability.

Having already joined the College’s Sustainability Group, which is attended by staff and students alike, Bella wanted to further pursue the topic of sustainability.

“I’d been wanting to set up a sustainability club at College for a while, then Elly Sheard told me about the EcoSchools scheme and thought it might be something the College could get behind and would be a great structure for us to work from. I discussed the group on the student council and with my friends and had a lot of positive responses!”

The group got off to a great start with eight students joining. Every week, the group will get together to tackle issues such as reducing plastic waste in the cafeterias, cultivating a College allotment, organising College beach cleans and holding second-hand clothes sales to raise awareness of the polluting fast fashion industry.

“It’s crucial that students have somewhere they can not only learn about the issues like the climate crisis and plastic pollution but as implement projects around College and in their community so that they can see a positive, sustainable change,” said Bella.

The group will be holding a second-hand clothing swap soon and are welcoming any and all donations of clothes for the sale. All money raised will go to the Boom Shewula project in eSwatini, which puts children through school and helps support other projects in the local area such as sustainable agriculture.