No waiting for applause in Waiting for Godot performance

Students on the acting pathway of the Extended Diploma in Performing Arts at Truro College have been studying the Theatre of the Absurd this term, culminating in a performance of Samuel Beckett's landmark play Waiting for Godot.

Waiting for Godot presents the audience with two figures, Vladimir and Estragon, often referred to as 'tramps', who are waiting on a country road for Godot. The play is about how the men spend their time while waiting and the strange characters of Pozzo and Lucky that they meet. Godot never comes and nothing happens!

Lily Vincent-Roche, who played Lucky, said: "This has been a really challenging play to do. My character is treated like a slave, he doesn't say anything for most of the play then he suddenly bursts into a two page, meaningless monologue. It has been really interesting doing a different type of performance."

Georgie-Stewart-Ashley has really enjoyed researching the philosophy that influenced the play, saying: "The Theatre of the Absurd was heavily influenced by the likes of Camus and Sartre and the idea of existentialism. I love the fact that this kind of play rejects conventional dramatic forms to portray the futility of human struggle in a senseless world. It's really deep and made us really think!"

Dr. Kit Savage, course leader, explains: "The acting pathway of the course aims to equip students with experiences of as many different forms and styles of theatre as possible. Next term we will be studying Brecht and rehearsing a production of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, which we hope to tour to some local venues."