Photography students reflect on their creative successes

Photography students at Truro College are reflecting on their creative projects interpreting the theme ‘old is new.’

Kyle Reed, from Porthtowan, discovered an old, abandoned barn and retrieved lost items from within which he then featured in the photography. Items included an antique photo album, rustic buttons and draws which he has added to a display to create a 3D representation of the abandoned old barn, using techniques learnt from his expert lecturers.

“When I was set the brief, I thought about restoration and evolution of items, which reminded me of this barn I found,” says Kyle. “I was allowed to go in and as I walked in I discovered all these mysterious items, which I thought to use for my exhibition.”

“The idea is to make people see this and question what the story behind this barn is and where the items are from, to let people use their imagination for their own version of the story. At first finding these items were overwhelming, but my lecturers helped me.”

Niamh O’Brien, from St Austell, created a magazine to go along with her fashion-led approach inspired by her favourite film, American Psycho.

“Photography is a passion of mine,” says Niamh. “I created a magazine of decades of fashion and did a photoshoot of every decade and complied it into a magazine. On this course you can do whatever you want, it’s not just photography. You get to do graphic design and mix digital media. The lecturers are helpful and have experience in different areas, so you get a great overall learning experience.” 

With access to all the faculties, studios and technology that being a Photography student at Truro an Penwith College entails, some students included post-photography digital graphic and design techniques to enhance their results.

Aimee Rogers, from Truro, created a project all about femininity, focusing on the 1920’s Great Gatsby-era and the representation of women, make up, beauty and fashion.

“My favourite part of the course is using the studios and dark rooms, in which I love to do fashion photography, which well help me prepare to do fashion photography at University,” says Aimee. “This year we learnt Photoshop and how to use lighting in the studios. I love the environment College has and I have made lots of friends on the course.”

Talia-Jade, from Truro, created a photography exhibition taking influence from hip hop music and the 90s and early-2000s, combining the fashion from that culture in her images. She says: “My favourite part is working on the DSLR cameras that the College provides to us and would love to one day get a job in photography.”

Her advice to future students is that “the lecturers are always there if you need support. Learning Photoshop and other techniques on the course might be difficult to start off with but once you get used to it, it becomes easier.”