Poignant hidden message featured in original play

Eloise and Max, who are both studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma at Truro College, recently devised and performed a play with a particularly poignant subtext: Brexit.

Max standing in the foreground looking sad with Eloise in the background looking at the floor

The play, which was a part of their Theatre subject choice, was completely original and created by the two second-year students.

“We started off by brainstorming things we think we work well together on and decided we definitely wanted to go with a serious message or undertone that is quite dark if the audience gets it,” said Eloise.

The pair opted for Brexit as their theme, with Max saying: “We decided to focus on an event with the idea of having a subtle message to a really grandiose piece. We chose to go for a divorce and have that as a symbolic reference to Brexit, which is a really current, big and important event for a lot of people.”

A big sign saying polling station with Max and Eloise silhouetted in front

The play included a lot of clever references to Brexit

Throughout the play, Max and Eloise included references to Brexit in the hopes the audience would catch on to the deeper meaning, including “divorce means divorce”, “22nd draft” and “strong and stable”.

The students got a great response from the audience, with the majority of viewers realising the deeper meaning of the production.

Cara March, lecturer on the IB Diploma, said: “It is so exciting to facilitate the devising process, to see students writing original material and creating a performance that communicates their view of the world while encouraging their audience to engage with political debate.”