Public Services student receives invite to the Royal Wedding

When Yasmin Pascoe from Par received an invitation to attend the highly anticipated Royal Wedding her first thoughts weren’t of what her outfit should be but rather of the validity of the invite.

“I got the letter and thought it was a joke,” began Yasmin. “But when I opened it I saw it was from the Lieutenancy of Cornwall inviting me to the Royal Wedding. I couldn’t believe it!”

Yasmin’s invite was due to her work with the Devon and Cornwall Police Cadets and her work in the community, which involves her role as a climbing instructor for children.

“It makes me want to get on with life and to help people. People have helped me and I want to return the favour.”

But it’s not just the Royal Wedding that has singled Yasmin out recently for her hard work as she has also been shortlisted for the national BTEC Public Services Student of the Year award because of her dedication to her College work and all those around her.

Louise Coley, Yasmin’s tutor at Truro and Penwith College, said of Yasmin: “She is a truly inspirational young person with much to offer those around her and is a positive role model for others to aspire to.”