Silver for Avis at UK Worldskills in 3D Digital Game Art

One of the best young 3D Digital Game Artists in the UK has mastered her skills at Penwith College, proving that computer games design is anyone's game.

Avis Kellman, second year student on the Games, Animation and VFX course at Penwith College, has beaten some of the best student digital game art designers in the UK to win a silver medal at the finals of the WorldSkills UK Skill Show in the 3D Digital Game Art competition.

Avis spent a gruelling two and a half days modelling a 3D game scene using all original designs and meshes. The finalists were set a task by judges from the games industry to create a new boss monster for the popular game Overcooked. They then had to create a level for it to live in. This is a challenging task that would take professionals a significant amount of time to complete and all of the finalists were finished within the given two and a half days.

This was not the only test of skill and focus the competitors had to overcome. While they were busy creating their 3D models using industry-standard software in the middle of the NEC they were surrounded by schools and families visiting the show - quite a distracting environment in which to work in exam conditions.

Avis rose to the challenge and was proud to be one of three female competitors, proving that the games industry isn’t just for boys. Indeed, the first place and second place medals both went to women.

Avis can now be considered one of the best 3D artists in the UK and she has a very bright future ahead of her.

This is the second time a Penwith College Games student has won a medal and they are still the only college in the South West to get students past the early heats of the competition. Course leader Armando Garcia said: “We work really hard to make sure that what we deliver to students are the core skills required by the games industry. Having award-winning developers confirm that our students have what it takes, and we’re teaching them what they need, makes every trip to the Skills Show super rewarding.”

Following the competition, Avis was treated to a visit to the neighbouring Comicon convention with her games development lecturers where she met a multitude of famous characters from games, comics and anime.