Sneak peek at residential life at Lympstone

Public Services students from both the Level 2 and 3 programmes at Truro College took part in an excellent week at the Commando Training Centre for Royal Marines in Lympstone.

They had the chance to take part in the infamous Bottom Field Assault Course, the physically and mentally demanding two-mile endurance course, gym fitness testing, swim testing, a timed three-mile run.

They also spent time on Woodbury Common receiving a rations and cooking demonstration, observation stance, stalking and camouflage and concealment training.

A group of people in camouflage fatigues posing for a photo

This fantastic opportunity gave the students a real insight into the expectations of the Royal Marines should they choose this as a career in the future. The residential complements the qualities the students are studying on the Public Services course such as fitness testing and training, teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

Matt Kennedy-Smith, Public Services Y1 Course Coordinator, stated: “This week is a very rare opportunity afforded to students who have an aspiration to join the Royal Marines or other front-line services. It is very physically and mentally challenging for the students, to which they all performed to the very highest level. They should be very proud of their achievements, as we are.”