Students enjoy great start to the year

As the summer holidays came to a close, students across Cornwall prepared to start their journey at Truro and Penwith College.

Two IB students running down a river with their legs tied together

Before classes officially started, students were given the chance to familiarise themselves with the College through an Induction Day. While for some these days were for the acquiring of student cards and bus passes, students new to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma were given the chance to get to know one another through a series of fun and challenging activities.

Held down at the Tomperrow Scout Camp, the Induction Day gave the new students a chance to bond with their new classmates while taking part in team activities such as three-legged river racing, blind-folded obstacle courses, bush crafts and puzzles that tested both logic and balance.

An IB student posing with a head dress and skirt made out of plants
An IB student posing with a head dress made out of leaves and twigs

The day, which is held every year for the new IB students, is a fantastic way to break the ice, with students finding it a fun start to the year and a great way to make friends on their course.

With the Induction Days over, it was on to the first day of term for all first-year students. Lecturers across the College worked hard to provide a great first day through fun activities that both introduced students to their subjects and to each other.

Student covered in a triangular shelter made out of newspaper

Art and Design students were tasked with creating shelters out of paper and tape, an activity that encouraged teamwork and creativity, two very important aspects of the subject area.

Students starting on their journey in the Music department were treated to a live performance by former College student Skye-Anna. Throughout her performance, Skye-Anna explained to the students how her time at the College helped with her progression, saying: “It was absolutely amazing. Truro College and the course I was on was amazing. It gave me so many opportunities and I’m so excited to be back. I’ve really missed my teachers, they were so supportive. I’m so excited to be here with the new students and to watch them perform. It’s so exciting seeing new musicians wanting to pursue music.”

Former student Skye-Anna performing to the first-year music students

After Skye-Anna’s set, the first-year students took to the stage for the very first time at the College to give their first of many performances. This open mic session was a great chance for everyone to get a feel for each other’s musical styles and to get used to performing in front of their peers.

With such a varied and exciting start to the term, Truro and Penwith College is looking forward to another outstanding year.

All of the new IB students at the Tomperrow site
Two IB students running down a river with their legs tied together