Students learn the science behind edible art

Students and Apprentices at Penwith College were certainly given food for thought during a recent workshop as they learnt all about the science and intricacy of edible art.

Former Penwith College student Damien Wager from Edible Art Patisserie led the workshop in partnership with supplier Forest Produce, showing the students the importance of accuracy in every measurement and temperature.

Throughout the day the students learnt how to make passionfruit and caramelised white chocolate macarons, white chocolate mousse pears with a pear compote centre and various chocolates. They were taught about the importance of colour, detail and finish as well as delivering a delicious dessert.

It wasn’t just a good day for the students however, as Damien was able to return to the College that taught him. “It was a good day and the students were keen to get involved and learn,” began Damien.

“It was nice to return to the College I attended after a decade to see the College thriving and offering double the amount of courses as it was when I was there. The students were genuinely some of the best I have worked with across the country in terms of willingness to get involved and general technical and skill level and I look forward to returning soon.”