Students set up a sparkling new enterprise

Foundation Studies students are getting stuck in with a new squeaky-clean business venture that is giving them an insight into entrepreneurial life.

‘Double Bubble Car Clean’ is just one of a variety of successful enterprises that a group of Access to Inclusive Learning (AIL) students at Truro College have set up this term as a way to continue developing important work place skills while the pandemic has put a halt to their usual local work experience placements.

As part of the AIL course, students are usually expected to complete a term’s worth of work experience with a local business where the students get to learn a number of important employability skills.

Unfortunately, due to the current measures in place, this year’s students were unable to carry out their work experience placements in person, but that didn’t stop them from getting creative at the College and coming up with a variety of exciting entrepreneurial ideas.

The latest business venture has seen the students get hands on with their new professional car washing service, which is available to staff and students at the College. While all of the students have got stuck in with the car washing service, many have also taken on integral behind-the-scenes roles such as Marketing Officer, Quality Control, Communications Officer, First Aid Officer and Manager, which has not only been a fun learning experience for the students but a great insight into running a business.

Student Ash who is working as part of the Marketing team for the business shared: “I enjoy being Communications manager and taking orders and doing emails. This has made me more confident in dealing with people and I have also learnt how to work to a set system”.

Following Double Bubble Car Clean’s recent launch the students have made a profit of over £200. This money will go back into the helping the students fund future projects at the College and a sum will be donated to a charity of choice.