Students take on staff in charity football match

When International Baccalaureate (IB) students challenged members of staff at Truro College to a football match for charity, the gloves came off and the football boots went on.

The game was organised by the students to raise money for the Shewula Orphans Charity in Swaziland, an organisation the Truro College diploma has been sponsoring for years.

The game itself was a very close contest with both sides playing well. Of course, one side had to walk away victorious and much to the students’ disappointment the staff won with a score of 4-3. The real victory of the day, however, was the £54.05 that the students raised for the Shewula Orphans Charity. The students will be able to see what their efforts mean during a 10-day visit to Swaziland, which takes place every year.

George Middlewick, first-year IB student and organiser of the fundraising event, was thrilled to have the opportunity to raise the money in such a fun way, saying: “We decided to organise this football match as it would be an entertaining and enjoyable way to raise some money for an important cause. It was a really fun event to take part in and everyone playing and watching had a great afternoon.”