Students take their lessons into the real world

Two students from Truro and Penwith College have decided to put their new-found awareness into action by spending a year volunteering with Project Trust, an organisation who has spent the last 50 years helping young people to volunteer across Africa, Asia and the Americas, enriching both their own and others’ lives.

After going through a selection course in the Inner Hebrides, Rose was excited to discover she will be heading to Honduras for a 12-month placement. During this time she will work with underprivileged primary school children, teaching them maths and English so that they can go onto further education. “I’m looking forward to working with the kids most,” began Rose. “And knowing that all of the work will be going towards something worthwhile while also being able to immerse myself in another culture and language.”

Immersion in another culture was an appealing aspect to Lara as well, who will be spending her gap year volunteering in Malaysia. “I will probably meet loads of amazing people when I am abroad,” began Lara. “And I will get to know their life and the way they experience things. And as I am such a foodie, I am really looking forward to trying a lot of different dishes while I am there.”

Both students studied the International Baccalaureate Diploma at Truro College, a course they said fits perfectly with their aim of global travel: “The IB is really always about learning about things that are normally not part of the timetable. It teaches us to think critically, and consider different viewpoints. And because we have to do that, I think we are all really curious about actually experiencing other viewpoints,” said Lara.

Both students are excited about how these experiences will affect them. “I definitely think doing a gap year, and doing something worthwhile with that year, is really beneficial. I think it will really help me become my own person,” said Lara, which Rose then echoed: “It allows you to be more independent and grow as a person, both in skills and understanding the world.”

The two students are raising £6,000 each before heading off in July so have been holding bake sales around the College, with more events planned for the New Year.

Caroline Keech, Coordinator of the IB Diploma at Truro College, was delighted by the two students’ decision to take all they’ve learnt from the IB further, saying: “We are so proud of the work Rose and Lara will be doing on their gap year projects as they totally embody the principles of the IB learner profile.

“The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. The Diploma encourages students across the world to become active, compassionate, lifelong learners and Rose and Lara are an excellent example of these values.  We wish them every success in their endeavours.”