The Velvet Hands return to their Cornish roots

Formed while studying Music at Truro College, The Velvet Hands is a band you do not want to miss. Luckily, they are returning to Truro for the first night of their tour to perform at The Old Bakery.

With their new single and music video released, The Velvet Hands are really making waves in the music industry. Each time Only Blame Myself is played on national radio you will hear comments such as ‘sounds like an indie banger’ and ‘I'm really into that, they're making an unholy noise and we like that a lot! Feeling that one.’

Since they are returning to their roots, we thought we would catch up with the band to find out all there is to know about life in the music industry for a band on the rise.

What was your time at Truro College like?

Dan and I [Toby] formed the band in our first year of college mainly just for something to do, Cornwall can be a boring place when you're 17 and so the thought of playing shows was quite appealing. We were dreadful back then but just loved playing. It's a real buzz when all of your mates come along and dance, plus we'd often be playing in 18+ bars so we'd be able to have a couple of beers or whatever. The glory days! We got a bit better and wrote about half of our album during College. Toby Seth and Rob Carter are saints, they have helped create so many great bands and would always lovingly tell us that we weren't that great, which really made us strive to be better.

What have you been up to since leaving College?

Since leaving College we have all moved to Kilburn in London and have just kept on rocking in the free world really. We've got an album coming out in early May, and start our national tour on the 1st of February in Truro. We did a warm up on the 25th in Camden, which sold out which was nice and exciting. So we've just been writing songs and going to the pub really, it's not a bad life.

Your new single and music video are amazing, what were the inspirations behind it? Do you have plans to release more songs with a similar theme?

Thank you! Well, we can claim the music but the video was all the work of the wonderfully talented (and Cornish based) Tanja Durrant at Gigsketch Art and Mawgan at Purple Knif. It's cool though isn't it, would be a great idea for a set of videos at some point in the future. The song is our 3rd single from our album which is coming out on Easy Action Records. We have one more single and video being released and then the album is out!

What advice would you give current music students who would like to follow a similar pathway?

Don't do it, get a normal job! But if you're set on a life of being poor, then the advice I would give is to find your feet musically in Cornwall (where everyone is a bit more forgiving and lovely) before moving to a big city to find your fame!

Are you looking forward to returning to Truro to perform again?

Yeah, it should be a laugh really! The Old Bakery is a great venue, and we're playing with some 10/10 bands including The Rezner and Swine, both of who went to Truro College! It's 16+ and College students get in for £3 too, so why not come along and boogie on down? These old-school type venues are a dying breed and really need all the support that they can get!