Truro and Penwith College student spends summer competing around the world

Road cyclist Alfie Peters, Truro and Penwith College student studying Sport & Exercise Science, has returned from an action packed summer of competing around the world.

Starting off the summer in Georgia, USA, Alfie took part in a training camp and the Georgia Games Cycling Championships. Alfie was very happy to come 3rd in the time trials in the Men’s Pro 1/2 category but was disappointed he didn’t do as well as last year when he won.

“When we arrived in Georgia it was 40 degrees. Last year we had an extra week so had time to acclimatise,” explained Alfie.

Next, Alfie headed to Canada for a UCI tour and the Nations Cup. Throughout the stages Alfie was consistent with his races, positioning in either the top 20, top 10, and in one case, the top 5. “I got 5th place in one stage, which was quite a big thing for me. I was really happy,” said Alfie.

Not only was Alfie a first year racer but he was also the youngest. This fact just drives him forward: “Next year I hope to do better as I will be older and a more developed rider. It is daunting going in as the youngest, but you also have less pressure and can only do your best.”

Rather than going to Belgium where they initially intended, Alfie’s team went to France to spend time training in the Pyrenees for the next season.

Alfie is part of Team Novo Nordisk Junior, an all-diabetic pro team. Alfie used to be a part of the Olympic Youth Development Team but decided to move to Team Novo Nordisk due to the pro team pathway; a route that Alfie hopes will be a more structured way to get into pro cycling.

“As everyone in the team has the same condition it makes training a lot easier as we are all doing the same thing,” began Alfie. “Of course, everyone manages it differently and has their own routines, but doctors are always on hand to ensure we get the help we need.”

Indeed, Alfie is supported on all sides. As a student at Truro and Penwith College, he is also a member of the High Performance Group (HPG). This means that he receives tailored help from the College’s two accredited members of the UK Strength & Conditioning Association in Cornwall.

“Being part of the High Performance Group is great,” begins Alfie. “It’s all about strength and conditioning, which helps stop injuries. Jeff, who does physio, is especially great as he looks after you if you do get an injury and as a cyclist I can struggle with my knees.”

With all this support around him and having cycled all his life, Alfie doesn’t feel like his diabetes holds him back at all. And as the pro Novo Nordisk team is on for competing in the Tour de France in 2021, Alfie has a bright future in cycling ahead of him.