United Nations trip to Geneva Transforms Students Thinking

A level student Erin Neal has just returned from a United Nations study trip and what an experience it was!

“I applied and was accepted onto a United Nations Study Trip to Geneva where we attended tours and talks from various UN branches such as UNHCR (United Nations High Commission of Refugees), International Labor Organisation, International Organisation of Migration, World Trade Organisation and the United Nations Environmental Program for Crisis Management, along with non-governmental organisations like Medicins sans Frontieres.

"I discovered this opportunity whilst I was looking for work experience related to International Relations, as that was what I wanted to study at university. I went into the trip hoping that it would give me a clear idea of a definite university course because I was torn between International Relations or Criminology; however after listening to the talk by a representative of the High Commission for Refugees I realised that I would much rather have a career in the humanitarian sector where I could go out and help the refugees and migrants she talked about.

"I have now decided to defer all my Uni offers and take a gap year where I plan on volunteering abroad with disadvantaged children and adults. At university I am going to study psychology with my end aim to be a psychologist for refugees.”

Lecturer Emma Le Saux said, “Erin applied for a place on this fantastic study trip off her own back. It is a rigorous application process but worth taking time on as the programme is great. 

Erin is a very driven young woman but was confused about her ultimate direction of study. Currently studying A Level Law, English Language and Literature and Psychology, this trip has certainly given her a definite plan for the future and insights into politics, ethics, human rights, languages, science, art, geography and citizenship.”