University Survival Workshop prepares students for their next steps

A leading local college has decided to prepare its students for the culinary challenges of university by holding a University Survival Workshop.

One of Spire's chefs serving some freshly cooked fish

While leaving home and heading off to university is filled with little challenges students have to overcome, one of the most common is feeding themselves. To help make sure students won’t be living off of baked beans, pasta and takeaway – at least not entirely – the College’s training restaurant, Spires, was turned into a workshop and live demonstration venue with stands run by The Rick Stein Group.

With one table showing students how to make fruity mocktails and another proving that you don’t need to spend more than £2 for a meal, students had plenty of food for thought for their university culinary exploits. Students were also able to taste test some delicious fish before learning how to set a table for a dinner party, a skill they could then put to the test in timed trials.

Students watching how to make mocktails

Hayley McKinstry, Programme Team Leader for Hair, Beauty, Complementary Therapies and Catering, was thrilled with how the event turned out. “The Steins University Survival day attracted over 300 students and provided tasting, cooking and drinking experiences that students could adopt and use to support work opportunities or for personal use when living on their own. The ‘Pimp your Noodles’ area provided a great dish for cooking on a budget demonstrating a healthy dish that could be cooked for £1.60. It’s always great to set these sorts of events up for students as it not only gets them engaged but helps set them up for the future.”

A waiter and member of staff laughing during a demonstration