The College’s hard-working Cleaning Team are the Covidbusters.

They have the technology, and they’re not afraid to use it. At the end of a challenging academic year, Truro College is celebrating its hardworking cleaning team and the role they have played in helping to keep the College’s students and staff as safe as possible.

The Colleges Cleaning Team are the real heroes.

The Colleges Cleaning Team are the real heroes.

The cleaners at Truro College have been maintaining a rigorous daily routine featuring some of the latest cleaning tools, technology and products. They’ve been going above and beyond on the frontline, battling the pandemic with a mix of bravery, good humour, the latest expensive top-end tech, and the occasional pasty for fuel. 

“We’re pleased to be part of the success the College has had during this very challenging year” said Greg Munden, Site Manager for the Churchill Group.

A minimum of 50 personnel are in the cleaning team during term time, working in shifts across the 15 buildings that house over 5,000 people a day in all. 

Toilets are regularly cleaned, while the team manually sprays ‘touchpoints’ where multiple people might touch things like handles or light switches. 

Technology employed includes the ‘Micro Kill Gun’, £1,400 of kit that shoots a magnetically-charged antibacterial solution. The solution is magnetically attracted to surfaces when sprayed so it doesn't  remain in the air, killing all viruses, bacteria and mould that you might not want on a surface.

The ‘Toilet Machine’ is a ‘Foamtec’ hands-free system that cleans the toilets with antibacterial foam. After spraying the walls and all surfaces, everywhere is then pressure-washed, including sinks, toilets, mirrors, urinals and floors. The cleaners don’t touch anywhere with their hands at all, it’s all hands-free as they remove and kill undesirables including viruses and bacteria. 

Other impressive-looking kit includes walk-behind scrubber-dryers to clean the floors and cordless vacuum cleaners that look like ‘Ghostbusters’ backpacks, these are used in communal areas during the day for efficiency and to minimise disruption. 

“We’re proud to be part of the massive effort the College has made to keep things going through this period,” says Greg. “My team have not been out of the College for a day throughout the whole pandemic. We’re glad to be working with the premises team and the other departments that enable us to do our jobs, so we can enable everyone else to do theirs.”

Moving onto their next challenge the cleaning team is working on strategies to keep Truro College’s brand-new Valency building in top condition. “We want to maintain the ’newness’ of it,” says Greg, “so we aim to get new equipment for that”. 

The new £7 million engineering and technology building opened earlier this year and is part of the South West Institute of Technology with a host of specialist, industry-standard equipment that places it amongst the top learning facilities in the UK. 

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My team have not been out of the College for a day throughout the whole pandemic.

Greg, Site Manager for the Churchill Group